Soccer - Girls as of 2018-09-20 11:04 pm

1ASchool W L T Rating TWP OWP Games
1Moravian Academy6-2-1 0.580310 0.685076 0.429550 17(8)
2Minersville4-3-0 0.564651 0.519084 0.630223 18(11)
3Schuylkill Haven4-3-0 0.481243 0.525547 0.417487 18(11)
4Williams Valley5-3-0 0.479416 0.564935 0.356352 18(10)
5Catasauqua3-4-2 0.453520 0.422145 0.498668 18(9)
6Tri-Valley4-3-0 0.448452 0.496350 0.379525 18(11)
7Notre Dame Jr/Sr3-5-0 0.415793 0.375000 0.474494 17(9)
8Nativity BVM3-3-1 0.410204 0.432240 0.378495 16(9)
9Northern Lehigh0-10-0 0.247326 0.000000 0.603235 18(8)
10Weatherly Area0-5-0 0.146444 0.000000 0.357181 18(13)
2ASchool W L T Rating TWP OWP Games
1Northwestern Lehigh9-1-0 0.770853 0.905941 0.576459 18(8)
2Salisbury Township7-2-1 0.656972 0.737581 0.540974 18(8)
3Palisades7-2-1 0.632043 0.732558 0.487398 18(8)
4Allentown Central Catholic4-4-0 0.590677 0.552632 0.645425 18(10)
5Pine Grove6-3-0 0.575027 0.650888 0.465861 18(9)
6Tamaqua Area2-3-0 0.451339 0.391753 0.537084 18(13)
7Jim Thorpe Area4-4-0 0.437460 0.467532 0.394184 18(10)
8Pen Argyl Area3-3-1 0.433331 0.454924 0.402258 18(11)
9Bethlehem Catholic2-5-0 0.420056 0.340741 0.534194 17(10)
10Palmerton Area2-5-0 0.355498 0.273381 0.473665 18(11)
11North Schuylkill2-5-0 0.312440 0.244604 0.410058 18(11)
12Lehighton1-5-0 0.295715 0.155738 0.497147 17(11)
13Notre Dame of Green Pond0-5-0 0.281109 0.000000 0.685632 18(13)
3ASchool W L T Rating TWP OWP Games
1Saucon Valley7-1-0 0.710232 0.878205 0.468516 16(8)
2Blue Mountain7-2-0 0.709342 0.765363 0.628726 18(9)
3Southern Lehigh6-1-0 0.651993 0.854962 0.359916 15(8)
4Pottsville6-3-0 0.620895 0.670520 0.549483 18(9)
5Bangor Area5-5-0 0.504780 0.500000 0.511658 17(7)
6East Stroudsburg Area North3-5-0 0.441818 0.431250 0.457026 17(9)
7Wilson Area1-6-0 0.295711 0.154362 0.499115 17(10)
4ASchool W L T Rating TWP OWP Games
1Whitehall8-0-0 0.823217 1.000000 0.568822 17(9)
2Parkland5-2-0 0.720037 0.765517 0.654590 18(11)
3Easton Area7-1-0 0.719811 0.902299 0.457206 18(10)
4Emmaus5-2-1 0.717608 0.748227 0.673546 17(9)
5Nazareth5-3-0 0.673615 0.676829 0.668988 18(10)
6Pleasant Valley6-3-0 0.638192 0.724324 0.514246 18(9)
7Stroudsburg6-2-0 0.626486 0.795181 0.383730 18(10)
8Pocono Mountain East5-4-0 0.587539 0.597765 0.572822 18(9)
9Freedom3-3-1 0.575943 0.562408 0.595420 18(11)
10Liberty4-4-0 0.558684 0.532468 0.596409 18(10)
11Northampton Area3-5-0 0.519213 0.422078 0.658992 18(10)
12East Stroudsburg Area South2-5-0 0.428352 0.345865 0.547054 18(11)
13Louis E Dieruff1-6-0 0.317850 0.178295 0.518675 17(10)
14Pocono Mountain West0-8-0 0.266134 0.000000 0.649107 18(10)
15William Allen0-7-0 0.205782 0.000000 0.501906 17(10)
Recent Games
09-20WBangor AreaWilson Area7-0
09-20WBlue MountainNorth Schuylkill7-0
09-20LCatasauquaSalisbury Township0-0
09-20LMoravian AcademyNorthwestern Lehigh4-1
09-20LNorthern LehighPen Argyl Area5-1
09-20LNotre Dame of Green PondPalisades2-1
09-20LPalmerton AreaSouthern Lehigh2-0
09-20WWilliams ValleySchuylkill Haven6-3
09-19LBethlehem CatholicStroudsburg6-3
09-19WBlue MountainPine Grove2-0
09-19LEast Stroudsburg Area NorthPen Argyl Area2-0
09-19WEaston AreaPleasant Valley3-1
09-19WJim Thorpe AreaNorth Schuylkill4-0
09-19LLibertyNorthwestern Lehigh2-0
09-19WMinersvilleWilliams Valley2-0
09-19WNativity BVMWeatherly Area6-2
09-19LNotre Dame Jr/SrHoly Redeemer3-1
09-19WPottsvilleTamaqua Area7-1
09-19LSalisbury TownshipWhitehall2-1
09-19WSaucon ValleyWilson Area7-0
09-19WSchuylkill HavenOur Lady of Lourdes Regional7-4
09-19LTri-ValleyLine Mountain Sr2-0
09-18WBangor AreaPalmerton Area3-0
09-18TCatasauquaMoravian Academy3-3
09-18WEaston AreaEast Stroudsburg Area South4-0
09-18WPalisadesUpper Perkiomen1-0
09-17WAllentown Central CatholicPocono Mountain East1-0
09-17LBangor AreaPalisades4-0
09-17WCatasauquaNotre Dame Jr/Sr3-0
09-17LEast Stroudsburg Area SouthEaston Area4-0
09-17WEmmausPocono Mountain West5-1
09-17LJim Thorpe AreaPine Grove1-0
09-17LLibertyNorthampton Area4-1
09-17LLouis E DieruffPleasant Valley7-0
09-17WMoravian AcademyBrandywine Heights Area1-0
09-17LNorthern LehighSalisbury Township5-0
09-17WStroudsburgWilliam Allen10-0
09-15LAllentown Central CatholicLiberty1-0
09-15LBethlehem CatholicEaston Area5-1
09-15WBlue MountainSchuylkill Valley4-1
09-15WEast Stroudsburg Area NorthEast Stroudsburg Area South3-1
09-15WJim Thorpe AreaNorthern Lehigh3-0
09-15WLouis E DieruffWilliam Allen7-3
09-15WMoravian AcademyNotre Dame Jr/Sr5-0
09-15WNazarethPleasant Valley1-0
09-15WNorth SchuylkillWeatherly Area6-0
09-15LNorthampton AreaStroudsburg1-0
09-15LPalmerton AreaTamaqua Area3-2
09-15WParklandPocono Mountain East4-0
09-15LPine GroveWyomissing1-0
09-15LPocono Mountain WestWhitehall9-0
09-15WPottsvilleSchuylkill Haven9-0
09-15LWilliams ValleyLine Mountain Sr3-0
09-14WAllentown Central CatholicPalisades1-0
09-14LBangor AreaNorthwestern Lehigh6-0
09-14LCatasauquaSouthern Lehigh3-0
09-14WJim Thorpe AreaWeatherly Area10-0
09-14LNotre Dame of Green PondSalisbury Township5-3
09-13WAllentown Central CatholicBethlehem Catholic1-0
09-13WBlue MountainPottsville2-1
09-13WEast Stroudsburg Area NorthWilliam Allen10-0
09-13WEast Stroudsburg Area SouthLouis E Dieruff8-2
09-13LEaston AreaEmmaus2-1
09-13WLehightonNorth Schuylkill2-0
09-13WMinersvilleNativity BVM4-0
09-13WMoravian AcademyNorthern Lehigh3-0
09-13WNazarethPocono Mountain West5-0
09-13WNorthampton AreaPocono Mountain East3-1
09-13WNotre Dame Jr/SrWilson Area6-0
09-13LPalmerton AreaSaucon Valley5-0
09-13WPine GroveTamaqua Area5-0
09-13WPleasant ValleyStroudsburg4-0
09-13LSchuylkill HavenTri-Valley3-2
09-13LWeatherly AreaWilliams Valley13-0
Upcoming Games-Home Team Listed First
09-20LehightonNativity BVM
09-20Our Lady of Lourdes RegionalMinersville
09-20William AllenLiberty
09-20Williams ValleySchuylkill Haven
09-20EmmausLouis E Dieruff
09-20Tamaqua AreaWyoming Seminary College Prep
09-21Allentown Central CatholicWilliam Allen
09-21East Stroudsburg Area NorthLiberty
09-21East Stroudsburg Area SouthFreedom
09-21EmmausLouis E Dieruff
09-21NazarethNorthampton Area
09-21Pocono Mountain EastBethlehem Catholic
09-21Pocono Mountain WestEaston Area
09-21WhitehallPleasant Valley
09-21Weatherly AreaColumbia Montour Area Vo Tech
09-22Allentown Central CatholicNotre Dame of Green Pond
09-22Blue MountainLehighton
09-22NazarethSalisbury Township
09-22North SchuylkillPottsville
09-22Pen Argyl AreaEast Stroudsburg Area South
09-22Pine GroveNotre Dame Jr/Sr
09-22Schuylkill HavenWeatherly Area
09-22Tamaqua AreaJim Thorpe Area
09-22Williams ValleyTri-Valley
09-22Wilson AreaFreedom
09-22Bangor AreaDelaware Valley
09-22Easton AreaWilson
09-22ParklandNorth Penn
09-24Bangor AreaStroudsburg
09-24Blue MountainNorth Schuylkill
09-24Notre Dame of Green PondBethlehem Catholic
09-24PalisadesPen Argyl Area
09-24Sussex Tech NJNotre Dame Jr/Sr
09-24Wilson AreaMinersville
09-24Southern LehighQuakertown Community
09-25East Stroudsburg Area SouthWhitehall
09-25Easton AreaNazareth
09-25Jim Thorpe AreaPottsville
09-25Nativity BVMWilliams Valley
09-25Northampton AreaBethlehem Catholic
09-25Our Lady of Lourdes RegionalWeatherly Area
09-25Palmerton AreaNorthwestern Lehigh
09-25ParklandEast Stroudsburg Area North
09-25Pine GroveLehighton
09-25Pleasant ValleyEmmaus
09-25Pocono Mountain EastWilliam Allen
09-25Pocono Mountain WestLouis E Dieruff
09-25Schuylkill HavenMoravian Academy
09-25StroudsburgAllentown Central Catholic
09-25Tamaqua AreaBlue Mountain
09-26North SchuylkillTamaqua Area
09-26Northern LehighNotre Dame of Green Pond
09-26Northwestern LehighPen Argyl Area
09-26Palmerton AreaSalisbury Township
09-26Saucon ValleySouthern Lehigh
09-26Tri-ValleyWeatherly Area
09-26Wilson AreaMoravian Academy
09-27Bangor AreaNotre Dame of Green Pond
09-27Bethlehem CatholicParkland
09-27Blue MountainJim Thorpe Area
09-27East Stroudsburg Area NorthAllentown Central Catholic
09-27East Stroudsburg Area SouthEmmaus
09-27LehightonTamaqua Area
09-27NazarethLouis E Dieruff
09-27North SchuylkillPine Grove
09-27Northampton AreaWilliam Allen
09-27Pleasant ValleyFreedom
09-27Pocono Mountain WestPocono Mountain East
09-27Schuylkill HavenMinersville
09-27Tri-ValleyNativity BVM
09-27WhitehallEaston Area
09-27PottsvilleHamburg Area
09-27Williams ValleyOur Lady of Lourdes Regional
Eastern Pa Conference
Easton Area710
Pleasant Valley530
Pocono Mountain East430
East Stroudsburg Area North330
Allentown Central Catholic340
East Stroudsburg Area South250
Bethlehem Catholic250
Northampton Area250
Louis E Dieruff160
William Allen060
Pocono Mountain West070
Schuylkill League
Blue Mountain500
Pine Grove520
Williams Valley320
Schuylkill Haven330
Nativity BVM230
Jim Thorpe Area230
Tamaqua Area130
North Schuylkill150
Weatherly Area040
Colonial League
Southern Lehigh600
Saucon Valley600
Salisbury Township411
Northwestern Lehigh410
Moravian Academy421
Bangor Area430
Palmerton Area240
Pen Argyl Area121
Notre Dame of Green Pond040
Wilson Area050
Northern Lehigh090
Notre Dame Jr/Sr5100